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Chicago, IL

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For children in our community, with a propensity for leadership, and a servant’s heart. Young Leaders’ Academy prepares children for future civic leadership by providing present opportunities to practice.


Through Young Leaders’ Academy, our community increases access to high quality, customized education opportunities. These after school and summer programs develop our children's leadership capacity through both, soft and hard skills. Focusing especially on skills presently missing from instruction in our schools, and even some of our households, Young Leaders’ Academy strategically coordinates programming that create opportunities for social-emotional development, financial and functional literacy, and collective problem-solving for youth.

Initiated in 2017, The Summer Institute tasks Young Leaders with designing short-term projects that have a sustaining effect. Unit themes of self-examination, self-determination, self-management & self advocacy, are complimented by discipline specific, authentic and relevant tasks. While activities are customized to suit the children's interest and capacity, a common favorite is daily meal prep. Summer Institute 2019 is focused on "community beautification." 
Initiated in 2019, The Tribal Council is a network of young, student-leaders attending school in South Shore. Organized into school chapters, Young Leaders cooperate on long-term service projects relevant to their collective school community. The first chapter at South Shore International College Prep has designed a campaign to repurpose the old SSHS building at 7601 S. Constance for youth and community programs.

Your Young Leaders are always seeking support with their service projects.
There are many ways to get involved.
Your time, talent, tools, and tens ($10) are always appreciated. 

Children, Trained to Change



350 hours, 3 years

of strategically coordinated programming

600 hours

of dedicated volunteer service to design and execute Young Leaders' Academy programs and related  youth projects.

30 volunteers,

5 organizations

formed a coalition, pledging their time, talents, and tools to power this project.

20 families,

200 neighbors

participated in Young Leaders' Academy service activities




  • 300 hours:

    • direct service for 12 South Shore families

  • 500 volunteer hours:

    • planning and implementation


30 individuals, 5 orgs. representing expertise in:


Health & wellness

Trade & commerce

Arts & culture

Media & information


Spiritual development

Justice & defense

Science & technology



  • program space (w/kitchen)

  • furnishings

  • tech equipment

  • basic materials (notebooks, writing utensils, etc.)

TENS ($10)

$10,000 for:

  • $3K curriculum, instruction and materials for customized family programs, including daily snacks, meals

  • $3K stipends/scholarships for teen & young adult participants

  • $1K youth outings & special presentations

  • $2K community mobilization events

  • $1K communications and general operations