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©2019 BY ReCondition Community Cooperative

501(c)3 Nonprofit Service Organization

Chicago, IL

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  1. (re)Co unites the village. 

  2. (re)Co enacts The Seven Principles.

  3. (re)Co shares responsibility for creating a working model that promotes a clean, safe, productive and peace-full place to live. 

  4. (re)Co envisions a way of life that fosters self-determination with collective work and responsibility amongst black people from all walks of life.

  5. (re)Co encourages individuals and groups to pledge their time, talents, tithes, and tools to design and execute projects that serve to improve conditions for children in the village.

  6. (re)Co assumes a position to and for peace and love.

  7. (re)Co stays purpose and goal-centered.

  8. (re)Co acts courageously, contentiously and consistently.

  9. (re)Co is inclusive.

  10. (re)Co is __(what you make it)___.